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Birth (バース Bāsu), also known in the West as Planet Busters or The World of the Talisman, is a 1984 anime original video animation (OVA). Directed by Shinya Sadamitsu, it was originally released in Japan on September 5, 1984.


Aqualoid was a prosperous planet, but an attack from a mysterious life force, the Inorganics, transforms it into a post-apocalyptic shell of its former self. When Nam finds a mysterious sword, he is suddenly the object of a planet-wide chase. With the Inorganics closing in, will Nam and his friends discover the secret of the sword and save their world? Or will they destroy Aqualoid in favor of a new Birth?

Dubbing History

The film was first licensed in 1987 by Harmony Gold and released by Streamline Pictures in North America and the United Kingdom under the title The World of the Talisman. According to New Straits Times, it briefly aired in Malaysia in late 1987.[1] It was later released by Streamline in 1992, retitled yet again to Planet Busters. Harmony Gold's version changes some of the character names, tones down some of the more surreal Japanese humour to appeal to a younger audience, and contains more American-style dialogue, alternate music composed by Randy Miller and additional voice-overs.

The second dub by ADV Films, released on DVD on July 13, 2004, is much more faithful to the original Japanese version.


Image Character Seiyū Harmony Gold Dub ADV Dub
Rasa Birth.jpg Rasa Jupiter Miina Tominaga Lisa Michelson Alexis Chamow
Junobel Kim Kaneto Shiozawa Kerrigan Mahan Bradley Carlin
Bao Luzen Ichirō Nagai Gregory Snegoff James Phillips
Nam Shurugi Kazuki Yao Tony Oliver Brent Werzner
Arlia Keiko Toda Gemma Wilcox
Monga Fuyumi Shiraishi Matt Hislope
Mu-nyo Chika Sakamoto Cyndi Lou Williams
Biker A Ryūsuke Ōbayashi Bill Capizzi Robert Matney
Biker B Yūsaku Yara Matt Hislope
Biker C Kōzō Shioya Robert S. Fisher
Biker Kid Masahiro Anzai Jeffery Mills
Village Girl Noriko Tsukase Rebecca Forstadt Samantha Inoue-Harte
Mother Reiko Suzuki Alexandra Kenworthy Mary Agen Cox
Father Jōji Yanami Garry Peters

Additional Voices


  • Jim Damm
  • Robert S. Fisher
  • Samantha Inoue-Harte
  • Vinnie Moxpar
  • Wil Ragan
  • Jessica Simon
  • Ben Turrubiarte
  • Racel Vasquez
  • Dominic Vitucci
  • Kenny Weigel
  • Cyndi Lou Williams

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Master Vision 1987 VHS.jpg Harmony Gold PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
Streamline Pictures 1992 NTSC United States United States
ADV Films 2004 DVD.jpg ADV 1


  1. Shahibulah, M. (December 20, 1987). "Today's Viewing". New Straits Times. New Straits Times Press. p. 15.

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