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Beyond the Boundary (境界の彼方 Kyōkai no Kanata) is an anime television series adaptation based off of the light novel series of the same name, written by Nagomu Torii, with illustrations by Tomoyo Kamoi. The anime was produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Taichi Ishidate. It originally aired in Japan from October 2, 2013 to December 18, 2013.

The anime was licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America for a home video release with an English dub. It was released on October 13, 2015.


Akihito Kanbara is a high school sophomore in the literature club who believes himself to be a "Meganest", and although he appears to be human, he is actually half Yōmu, which makes him invulnerable to wounds, due to the fact that he can heal so quickly, and also immortal. One day, Akihito meets freshman Mirai Kuriyama when it appears as if she is about to attempt suicide by jumping off of the school rooftop. Mirai is isolated because of her ability to manipulate blood, which is considered heresy even among other members of the underworld, so she is shunned. Soon after Akihito saves Mirai, disturbing events begin to arise.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Akihito Kanbara.png Akihito Kanbara Kenn Clint Bickham
Akihito Kanbara young.png Mei Tanaka
Kuriyama Mirai.png Mirai Kuriyama Risa Taneda Krystal LaPorte
Mitsuki Nase.png Mitsuki Nase Minori Chihara Monica Rial
Hiroomi Nase.png Hiroomi Nase Tatsuhisa Suzuki Adam Gibbs
Spirit World Warriors
Shizuku Ninomiya.png Shizuku Ninomiya Akeno Watanabe Amelia Fischer
Kanbara Yayoi.png Yayoi Kanbara Hiromi Konno Luci Christian
Izumi Nase.png Izumi Nase Ayako Kawasumi Carli Mosier
Observation Department
Miroku Fujima.png Miroku Fujima Masaya Matsukaze Houston Hayes
Ayaka Shindou.png Ayaka Shindō Naomi Shindō Molly Searcy
Ai Shindou.png Ai Shindō Yuri Yamaoka Brittney Karbowski
Yui Inami.png Yui Inami Sayuri Yahagi Sara Ornelas
Sakura Inami.png Sakura Inami Moe Toyota Caitlynn French
Grandfather Nase.png Grandfather Nase Ikuya Sawaki John Swasey

Additional Voices

Cast (Blu-Ray Steelbook)

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Kuriyama Mirai.png Mirai Kuriyama Risa Taneda Kira Vincent-Davis


  • On August 18, 2020, the steelbook Blu-ray edition was released which featured the unannounced redubbing of Mirai, with Kira Vincent-Davis replacing Krystal LaPorte (the former had already replaced LaPorte as Mirai for the dubs of the films). LaPorte had been mysteriously blacklisted by Sentai since the dub of the series. The decision to redub LaPorte has received significant backlash from fans of the dub, many referring to this decision as "cruel" and "petty".[1]

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
Sentai Filmworks 2015 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
3 Discs
BD The Complete Series A
2 Discs
Animatsu 2016 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
3 Discs
BD The Complete Series B
2 Discs
Sentai Filmworks 2020 The Complete Series A
United States United States
2 Discs


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