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Beautiful Target (XX Utsukushiki hyôteki, 美しき標的) is a 1995 Japanese erotic thriller direct to video film. An English dub was produced by Central Park Media in 2004.


A string of grisly murders confounds the police. Kyoko, a beautiful forensic scientist, is assigned to unravel the mystery of each mutilated corpse. Her search for the killer leads her ever deeper into the world of criminals and prostitutes, but the prey eludes her every step of the way, and the body count is rising. As the life she knew begins to slip away, Kyoko must risk her own death to lure the murderer into the light!


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Kyoko Yoko Natsuki Carol Jacobanis
Natsumi SHIHO Shannon Conley
Sugiyama Michiro Yaminishi Vincent Bagnall

Additional Voices[]

  • Jimmy Bogard
  • Wally Cole
  • Bob Kane
  • Lori Lee
  • Ross Lefko
  • Ami Shukla
  • Alan Sklar

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