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Beautiful Prey (XX 美しき獲物 , XX: Utsukushiki emono) is a 1996 Japanese erotic thriller direct-to-video film. An English dub produced by Central Park Media was released in 2003.


A beautiful policewoman is entangled in a dangerous trap at the scene of an S&M crime. Caught between the sadist and his beguiling victim, she doesn't know where to turn when the game turns deadly. Now, all her heroine has left is her wits, her gun, and her passion for justice. She'll need them all to escape from this seductive den of evil!


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Yu Kei Marimura Ami Shukla
Noriko Makiko Watanabe Jessica Calvello
Tagami Ren Ôsugi Vincent Bagnall

Additional Voices[]

  • Kip Kaplan
  • Michael D'R' - Miyamoto
  • Mike James - Saito
  • Prairie Silva Sabino - Nurse

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