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Beautiful Killing Machine (XX 美しき機能, XX: ) is a 1996 Japanese erotic thriller direct to video film. An English dub was produced by Central Park Media and released in 2002.


Cheryl is a warrior whose body and body-guarding skills will leave you breathless and gasping for more! But a routine assignment becomes a death trap, and she might be put out of commission for good. She'll need to use every trick in the book against the hit man known only as "The Owl," who will stop at nothing to track her down. There will be only one victor in this battle between beauty and the beast!


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Cheryl Rei Natsume Maryann Towne
Mark Shunsuke Kariya Rodd Houston
Kou Sawamura Naomasa Musaka Greg Wolfe
Dr. Kyoko Hayami Saiko Isshiki Suzanne Savoy

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