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Bayala: A Magical Adventure (German: Bayala - Das magische Elfenabenteuer; released in some European countries as The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn) is a 2019 German-Luxembourgish 3D computer-animated high fantasy adventure film directed by Aina Jarvine and co-directed by Federico Milella from a script by Venessa Walder. The film is based on the toy-line of the same name by German manufacturer Schleich.


Character Original Actoe Dub Actor
Surah ¿? Madison Mullahey
Sera Jessica Webb
Eyela Franciska Friede Sara Petersen
Falaroy ¿? Marc Thompson
Jaro Gregory Max
Ophira Lisa Ortiz
Nuray Simona Berman
Bilara Kathryn Cahill
Feya Louise White
Ice Queen Shannon Conley
Rainbow King Andrew Watts
Forest King David Wills
Piuh Michael Kargus ¿?
Marween ¿? Olivia Grace Manning