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Battle Team Lakers EX (聖少女戦隊レイカーズEX Sei Shōjo Sentai Lakers EX) is an erotic OVA from 1997, based on a series of adult simulation games released by Apple Pie.


A group of alien girls from planet Blade Star come to earth after their home planet got destroyed. They all have powerful Super-Lake Crystals that allow them to transform into superheroines. Led by Blade Knight, they must fight Oleana, an evil space dominatrix, their toughest enemy.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Reiko Kagurazaka / Star Laker Junko Asami Rose Petal
Chiaki Kurata / Kung Fu Laker Masako Katsuki Tamara Burnham Mercer
Natsune Tachibana / Judo Laker Satomi Kōrogi Starvin Artist
Yayoi Hikawa / Soul Laker Hitomi Oikawa Belinda Bizic
Moriyama Yuka / Bunny Laker Mika Kanai Missy
Daidoji Akira / Blade Night Toshiyuki Morikawa Jason Jetson
Oleana Naoko Matsui Sherry Shapiro
Narrator N/A Chuck Denson Jr.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Kitty Media 2000 DVD.jpg 1
United States United States

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