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Battle Skipper (美少女遊撃隊バトルスキッパー, Lovely-Girl Commando Unit) is a 3-episode OVA directed by Takashi Watanabe at Artmic, based on the small toy mecha figures by Tomy.


Trouble is brewing at the St. Ignacio School for Girls, where the extracurricular activities include mass destruction and global domination! Without regard for school property or regulations, the spoiled rich girls of the St. Ignacio Debutante Club are planning to unleash their awesome Battle Skipper combat suits in their mad scheme to seize control of the school... and eventually the world! The only hope lies with the valiant - yet polite and proper - members of the Etiquette Club, who stand ready to oppose the Debutante Club's fiendish schemes. The basement of the Etiquette Club is really the secret headquarters of the mysterious super-team, the Lightning Attacker Exstars and their super-advanced prototype Battle Skippers!


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Saori Tachibana Chinami Nishimura Lisa Ortiz
Kanami Ezaki Yuri Shiratori Kira Burke
Shihoko Sakaki Yuko Miyamura Elisa Wain
Reika Ayanokoji Kikuko Inoue Nicole D'Incecco
Rie Shibusawa Shiho Niiyama Karen Smith
Sayaka Kitaouji Ai Orikasa Tamara Farias
Yosaku Todo Toshiyuki Morikawa Paul McGrane

Additional Cast[]

  • Kira Burke - Pigtailed Diva (ep. 3)
  • Nicole D'Incecco - Debutante Club Member (ep. 3), Debutante Club Operator B (ep. 3), Green-Haired Diva (ep. 3)
  • Rome Elliot - Blue-Haired Grunt (ep. 2), Cop B (ep. 1)
  • Sondra Weil - BSX-03 Mega Driver, Debutante Club Operator A (ep. 3), Mother Superior (ep. 3), Old Sister (ep. 3), Short-Haired Diva (ep. 3)
  • Lisa Ortiz - BSX-05 Grand Buster
  • Anthony Salerno - Brown-Haired Grunt (ep. 1-2), Cop A (ep. 1)
  • Karen Smith - Brunette Diva (ep. 3)
  • Veronica Taylor - Madam President (ep. 3), Sister (ep. 1)
  • Bill Timoney - Blue-Haired Grunt (ep. 1, 3), Raven-Haired Grunt (ep. 2), Dock Operator (ep. 1-2)
  • Elisa Wain - BSX-02 Sky Cats

Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Central Park Media 1996 VHS The Complete Series NTSC United States United States
3 Volumes
2001 DVD The Complete Series 1 NTSC
1 Disc

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