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Barbapapa Around the World (バーバパパ 世界をまわる) is a Japanese animated children's television series that ran on NHK Educational TV from July 5 to October 10, 1999. The series is a spin-off of the 1974 Japanese-Dutch animated series, Barbapapa, that was produced by Kodansha.


The adventures of Barbapapa, Barbamama, their seven children, and their pet dog Lolita as they travel around the world.

Dubbing History

An English dub of this anime was produced by Centauro Comunicaciones and recorded in Miami, Florida. It was released on DVDs in South Korea in 2006[1] alongside the original series. However, unlike that series, only one English dub was ever produced for this anime. This dub also features a different female narrator, and like season two of the original, all of the Barbapapas have their own unique voices as opposed to one narrator voicing all of them.

On July 25, 2018, the Korean streaming service Laftel started to host the Centauro dubs to both series.


The cast of this dub is largely the same as the one in Centauro's dub of the original series, with the exception of the narrator, who was replaced with a female one.

Image Character Original Actor Japan Dub Actor United States
Narrator Masako Ikeda ¿?
Barbapapa ATW ID.png Barbapapa
Chafurin ¿?
Barbamama ATW ID.png Barbamama
Keiko Han ¿?
Barbazoo ATW ID.png Barbazoo
Youko Matsuoka ¿?
Barbabelle ATW ID.png Barbabelle
Yumi Takada ¿?
Barbabeau ATW ID.png Barbabeau
Chiyako Shibahara ¿?
Barbabright ATW ID.png Barbabright
Kaoru Fujimoto ¿?
Barbalib ATW ID.png Barbalib
Akemi Shinohara ¿?
Barbabravo ATW ID.png Barbabravo
Motoko Kumai ¿?
Barbalala ATW ID.png Barbalala
Megumi Toyoguchi ¿?


Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
M&V Media 2006 DVD.jpg All Episodes
+ Barbapapa
South Korea South Korea


  • The title of the series has no official English translation, as there is no title card, and the DVDs never refer to the name of the series at any point.
  • In the episode "India - Monsoon", Barbamama incorrectly refers to Barbalib as "Barbottina", which is her Italian name.
  • On recent copies of the Korean DVDs of Barbapapa that contain this series, the 5-minute segment "High Andes - Black Bear" is missing. When an employee at M&V (the company behind these DVDs) was contacted, they had roughly responded that "the quality of the episode was so bad from the first release", indicating that the episode was dubbed by Centauro, but was purposefully left out of the recent copies, and that earlier releases of the DVDs may have the episode.


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