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Barbapapa: One Big Happy Family! (Barbapapa en famille !) is a French animated children's television series that premiered on TF1 in France on November 10, 2019. It is a reboot of the 1974 Japanese-Dutch animated series, Barbapapa, and is the third series in the franchise, following the 1999 anime Barbapapa Around the World.


The series follows daily lives of the extraordinary blob-shaped Barbapapa family, who can morph into other forms but retain their original colors. The Barbapapa family consists of parents Barbapapa and Barbamama and their seven children: The intellectual Barbalib; the coquette Barbabelle; the powerful Barbabravo; inventor Barbabright; animal lover Barbazoo; artist Barbabeau; and musician Barbalala; plus their pet dog, Lolita. Together, the Barbapapas are a large, happy family!

Dubbing History

The English dub of the series was produced by Jungle Studios in London, England. It was voice directed by Allan Johnston, and Graeme Elston did the voice recording.

The dub first premiered sometime in September 2020 on Nick Jr. in Australia and New Zealand. It also premiered on the German and Austrian feeds of Nickelodeon on November 1, 2020, via the English audio tracks for all channels.[1] The dub has premiered on Nick Jr. Global (which includes South Africa) on December 14, 2020.[2] It later premiered on Nick Jr. UK on July 10, 2021.[3]

It is slated to premiere sometime in the United States, though an air date has not been announced.


Image Character Original Actor France Dub Actor United Kingdom
Barbapapa 2019 logo.png Narrator Bernard Alane ¿?
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbapapa.png Barbapapa Bruno Magnes Oliver Britten
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbamama.png Barbamama Nathalie Karsenti Harriet Carmichael
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbabravo.png Barbabravo
Youna Noiret Felix Warren
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbabright.png Barbabright
Fily Keita William Barber
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbabeau.png Barbabeau
Marie Facundo Bruno Ben Tovim
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbalib.png Barbalib
Lucille Boudonnat Scarlett Keeble
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbalala.png Barbalala Emmylou Homs Ynez Williams
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbabelle.png Barbabelle Adeline Chetail Molly O'Mahony
BarpapapaAndFamily-Barbazoo.png Barbazoo
Kaycie Chase Teddy West



Date(s) Channel Country Notes
September 2020 - present Nick Jr. Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
November 1, 2020 - present Nickelodeon Germany Germany Via SAP
Austria Austria
December 12, 2020 - present Asia
December 14, 2020 - present Nick Jr.
South Africa South Africa
July 10, 2021 - present United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ireland Ireland


  • Unlike the previous Barbapapa English dubs, the Barbababies here are all voiced by children, nearly all of whom don't have much of an online presence, if at all. In the original French version, they are all voiced by adult women.
  • The role of Barbabravo and the name of the child actor voicing the character were omitted in error from the list of credits when the English dub was first released (error confirmed by the production). However, this was not fixed for the broadcast in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which could mean they weren't able to fix the error before it hit British airwaves.
  • For some reason, the voice actor for the narrator isn't credited. It is highly possible that the voice actor for Barbapapa (Oliver Britten) also voiced the narrator, but that has not yet been confirmed.
  • The transformation phrase that the Barbapapas say when they shapeshift has been translated here as "Click clack click, Barba-trick!". In the British English dub of the original series, it was "All change", and in the Canadian English dub it was "Clickety-click, Barbatrick!".
  • Some minor changes were made for this dub that differ from the original French version. The changes are kept in some dubs that used this dub as a base (either partially or fully).
    • When the Barbababies sing the Bus Song in "The Barbapapa Tree", there is originally a note at the end of the song, but in the dub the note is completely dropped.
    • In "Barba-martians", when Boom-Mimi introduces herself, she originally has a robotic "wahh" sound at the second "mi". In the dub, she says her name regularly.
    • In "Making Bread", Barbalib sings a French folk song, "Maman les p'tits bateaux", with an instrumental playing in the background. In English however, she sings "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" with no instrumental.
    • During Barbabelle's song in "The Grass Is Always Greener", everytime she says "cause I'm so fancy", background singers are meant to sing a line. However, this is dropped in the English version, and only Barbabelle is singing in it.


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