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Bad Cat (Kötü Kedi Şerafettin) is a 2016 Turkish adult computer-animated action comedy film directed by Mehmet Kurtuluş and Ayşe Ünal. The film is based on the comic strip Kötu Kedi Şerafettin by Bülent Üstün. This is an independent movie and this work was self-funded, with some of the budget raised through product placements.

An English dub of the film was produced in 2018 by Odin's Eye Entertainment, but most of the cast for it is unknown due to only crediting the Turkish voice cast. The English dub was released on Tubi in April 2023 as a Tubi Original.


A profane house cat must deal with the arrival of his illegitimate son, an accidental killing, his owner's eviction and more within the course of a day of debauchery and mayhem.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Shero Uğur Yücel Don Anjaya Battee
Tank Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan Paul David-Goddard
Cartoonist Okan Yalabık ¿?
Adnan Paul David-Goddard
Taco Demet Evgar ¿?
Misscat ¿?
Riza Güven Kıraç Paul David-Goddard
Rıfkı Gökçe Özyol ¿?
Hazel Ayşen Gruda ¿?
Semi Cezmi Baskin ¿?
Black Yekta Kopan ¿?
Mertan the Seagull Bülent Üstün Paul David-Goddard

Additional Voices[]

  • Paul David-Goddard - Dog 1, Ambulance Officer 1

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