BLT Productions was a Canadian film & television company that provided voice acting services.


BLT Productions Ltd. is a privately owned film and television production company based in the city of Vancouver on the westcoast of Canada. BLT was founded in 1991 by television and live-event producer Josanne B. Lovick, a Production Executive who worked alongside Adam Whittaker, to develop and produce her own productions as well as offering a variety of production services to outside producers.

Under Josanne's corporate and creative leadership BLT Productions Ltd. is guided by a team comprised of both seasoned industry professionals and fresh upcoming talent. It is this synergistic balance of proven experience and new ideas that has given BLT a competitive edge, leading it to become one of western Canada’s fastest growing media companies.

To build on this success BLT continues to seek out and strengthen its working relationships with top international companies and individuals from all aspects of film and television production and distribution. This allows BLT continued access to the best talent and productions services available for both it’s own productions, as well as the projects of its partners and clients.



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