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BASToF Lemon (Hangul: 사이버 영혼 바스토프 레몬) is a South Korean animated series, which ran for 26 episodes in 2001. "BASToF" stands for "Be A Stranger To Fear."

The show was formerly licensed by ADV Films who dubbed and released the show as BASToF Syndrome on six DVD volumes from May to November 2004, holding on to the license until its shutdown in 2009. It is currently unlicensed.


Character Korean English
Pseudo (슈도) Won-Hyeong Choi Jason Douglas
Mint (민트) Song Do-yeong Cynthia Martinez
Bewefau (베베파우) Ja-Hyeong Gu Chris Patton
Moderato (모데라토) Mun Gwanil Illich Guardiola
Cora (코라) Hui Seon-Kim Kim Prause
Tiel (티엘) Hui Seon-Kim Luci Christian
Bomb (밤) In-Suk Han Greg Ayres
Pudding (푸딩) Hyun-Sun Lee Kira Vincent-Davis
Pluto (플루토) Seung-Seop Hong Chris Ayres
Hadim (하딤) Seol Yeongbeom Andy McAvin