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B't X (ビート・エックス Bito Ekkusu) is a science fiction anime based on the manga created by Masami Kurumada, the creator of Saint Seiya. It originally aired from April 6, 1996 to September 21, 1996 on TBS, consisting of 25 episodes. The series concluded with 14 episodes of the OVA second season titled B't X Neo.


Teppei is going to visit his older brother Kōtaro Takamiya during a scientific conference after training with a mysterious woman named Karen for the past 11 years. However his plans for a family reunion become stalled when a woman named Aramis kills everyone in the conference to kidnap Kōtaro. Teppei on the way to save his brother encounters a broken mechanical horse called B't X who revives thanks to Teppei's blood and is now his aide to save his brother from the mysterious Machine Empire.

Dubbing History

The series was originally licensed by Illumitoon Entertainment in 2006 and published on DVD via Westlake Entertainment. The series was dubbed at CRM Studios in Dallas, Texas, and featured many voice actors from FUNimation's talent pool.

Two dual-audio DVDs were released by Illumitoon, covering the first eight episodes, with three other volumes being announced, before being cancelled. It is unknown how many episodes of the series were exactly dubbed, though the first 14 episodes were available on-demand via the Anime Network. Though the exact number of episodes dubbed could be as high as 20 considering the three other cancelled DVD volumes (which would've likely had 4 episodes each).

In 2016, the anime was relicensed by Anime Midstream, who announced they'd re-release the series with both the original Japanese version and the dub. On July 20, 2018, it was revealed that Midstream had produced a redub for the series, provided by Sound Cadence Studios, due to the original dub being unfinished.[1] The dub featured Eric Vale returning to the role of Teppei, as well as Jeremy Inman returning as ADR Director. On April 12, 2019, Midstream announced that they'd be releasing the sequel series B't X Neo on DVD, completing the series.[2]


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Original Redub[3]
B't X Teppei Takamiya.png Teppei Takamiya Nobuyuki Hiyama Eric Vale
B't X Teppei Takamiya kid.png Yoshiko Kamei
Brina Palencia
Kristen McGuire
B't X Beta X.png B't X Jin Horikawa Greg Dulcie Jeremy Inman
B't X Fou Lafine.png Fou Lafine Kazuya Ichijō Kent Williams J. Michael Tatum
B't X Fou Lafine young.png
B't X Major Aramis.png Major Aramis Atsuko Yuya Jennifer Green Caitlin Glass
B't X Kotaro Takamiya.png Kōtaro Takamiya Nozomu Sasaki Kevin M. Connolly Josh Grelle
B't X Kotaro Takamiya young.png
B't X Karen.png Karen Megumi Ogata Stephanie Young Morgan Garrett
B't X Shadow.png B't Shadow X Emi Shinohara Marissa Lenti
B't X Mithrim.png Misslim Jūrōta Kosugi Curtis Arnott
B't X Camilla.png Camilla Kappei Yamaguchi Kristin McCollum Meli Grant
B't X Mirage.jpg B't Mirage Maya Okamoto Melissa Sternenberg
B't X Jet'aime.png B't J'Taime Asako Dodo Carrie Savage Tia Ballard
B't X Madonna.png B't Madonna Misa Watanabe Wendy Powell Rachel Robinson
B't X Metalface.png Metal Face Kenyū Horiuchi Chuck Huber Tyson Rinehart
B't X Hokuto.png Hokuto Osamu Sakuda Chris Cason Christopher Bevins
B't X Hokuto young.png
B't X Ron.png Ron Keiji Fujiwara Ian Sinclair
B't X Misha.png Misha Ai Orikasa Luci Christian Alison Viktorin
B't X Nasha.png Nasha Kyōko Hikami Natalie Hoover
B't X Karin.png Kari Chisa Yokoyama Cynthia Cranz Joanna Grelle
B't X Juggler.png Juggler Issei Futamata Mike McFarland
B't X Marcello.png Marcello Naoki Tatsuta Justin Briner
B't X Gaku.png Gaku Fujiko Takimoto Leah Clark Amber Lee Connors
B't X Teppei and Kotaros Father.png Teppei's Father ¿? Kent Williams
B't X Teppei and Kotaros Mother.png Teppei's Mother ¿? Marissa Lenti

Additional Voices

Original Dub


Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Dub Region Country
Westlake Entertainment 2007 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-8 Original 1
United States United States
2 Volumes
Anime Midstream 2018 The Complete Series Redub
5 Discs

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