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Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム Tetsuwan Atomu) is the third adaptation of the manga and anime of the same name by Osamu Tezuka. Produced by Tezuka Productions, it originally aired on Fuji TV in Japan from April 6, 2003 to March 28, 2004.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Astro Boy Makoto Tsumura Candi Milo
Dr. O'Shay Hisashi Katsuta Wally Wingert
Zoran Miki Maruyama Susan Blu
Dr. Tenma Shinya Owada Dorian Harewood
Detective Tawashi Banjō Ginga Bill Farmer
Yuko Akiko Kawase Faith Salie
Atlas Nobuyuki Hiyama Greg Cipes
Blue Knight Hideyuki Tanaka Wally Wingert
Skunk Kazuki Yao
Pluto Akio Ōtsuka David Rasner
Nora Naoki Tatsuta Jennifer Darling
Abercrombie Susumu Chiba Sandy Martin
Kennedy Yūko Satō Candi Milo
Alejo Motoko Kumai Lara Jill Miller

Additional Voices


  • Astro Boy premiered on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on Monday, March 8, 2004, but the series was not well received by viewers and the series was not shown to completion, with only a total of 16 episodes aired. 26 episodes only aired on the Kids WB! Block.
  • Many episodes of the English dub were aired out of order.
  • Compared to the dubs of the previous two anime adaptations, this dub keeps many of the original names of the main character intact with some exceptions. Most notable, Professor Ochanomizu (previously renamed Dr. Elefun in the previous dubs) is renamed Dr. O'Shay and Uran is renamed Zoran.
  • In the English dub pilot, Astro Boy was voiced by Mona Marshall. The dub featured Daran Norris as Tawashi. The pilot dub was voice directed by Marc Handler.


Date(s) Channel Country
2004 The WB
(Kids WB!)
United States United States
2004 YTV Canada Canada
2004 Cartoon Network
United States United States
2004-2005 Cartoon Network Australia Australia
2004-2006 CBBC United Kingdom United Kingdom

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
5 Discs
Mill Creek Entertainment 2015 The Complete Series
4 Discs

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