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Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム Tetsuwan Atomu, lit. The Mighty Atom) is a remake of the original 1960's anime series of the same name, based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka.

Dubbing History

An English dub coordinated by Tezuka Productions and Nippon TV was produced in 1982. The dub was recorded using acting majors and graduate students out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison during August of 1982. According to voice actor Bob Gonzalez, he's unsure why they came to UW Wisconsin for dubbing, though surmises it's likely because of the relatively low flat fee they accepted to do the job.

The dub was lightly edited, cutting various scenes; most notably merging Episodes 1 and 2 together. According to Jay Rath, they had dubbed the first two episodes as an hour-long episode uncut, but apparently it was decided to cut it down. The dub aired in Australia from 1983 to 1998, though it had a very limited release in the U.S., where broadcasts were limited to syndication in a few markets. This dub was also made available on DVD by Manga Entertainment in the US and by Madman in Australia. It will be also be available on Blu-ray by Discotek Media.

An alternate dub was produced for Canadian audiences to fill the legal Canadian-content quota (a statute requiring Canadian TV Stations to air a certain amount of Canadian-made content. Anime dubbed in Canada counts). The dub was produced in 1985, and recorded at Cinélume in Montreal; featuring a then 12-year old Steven Bednarski as Astro Boy. The opening and ending themes recorded for the previous dub were still used, however.

While the Nippon dub featured light editing, the Canadian version was highly edited for violence, with entire sequences being re-edited. The edits are identical to the French dub, Astro le Petit Robot, which was also recorded in Montreal. With the exception of Astro and Atlas, most of the characters names were changed (Dr. Elefun was renamed "Professor Peabody", Uran was renamed "Sarah", etc.). The Canadian dub also featured a pre-title sequence which recapped Astro's origin, and an epilogue where Astro would give a brief report about each episode's adventure to a computer named Geronimo. Astro's report would always contain a minor error about the story, and a narrator would encourage the viewers to find Astro's mistake, and compare answers with their friends.


Nippon/UW-Wisconsin Dub

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Astro Boy (1980).jpg Astro Boy Mari Shimizu Patricia Kugler Whitley
Elefun (1980).jpg Dr. Elefun
(Professor Ochanomizu)
Hisashi Katsuta Brian Parry
Secondary Characters
Uran (1980).jpg Uran Masako Sugaya Becke Wilenski
Atlas (1980).jpg Atlas Katsuji Mori Paul M. Nelson
Gumshoe (1980).jpg Inspector Gumshoe
(Inspector Tawashi)
Ichirō Nagai
Chief McLaw (1980).jpg Chief McLaw
(Detective Nakamura)
Yūsaku Yara Greg Zerkle
Daddy Walrus (1980).jpg Daddy Walrus
(Shunsaku Ban)
Kazuo Kumakura Bob Gonzalez
Livian (1980).jpg Livian Keiko Yokozawa Becke Wilenski
Skunk (1980).jpg Skunk Seizō Katō Jay Rath
Astros Dad (1980).jpg Astro's Father Takeshi Kuwabara Richard Ganoung
Paul M. Nelson (ep. 7)
Astros Mom (1980).jpg Astro's Mother Misako Hibino Kahlei A. Slick
Kenneth (1980).jpg Kenneth
Kumiko Takizawa David G. Miller
Alvin (1980).jpg Alvin Gordon
Kazuya Tatekabe Richard Ganoung
Theodore (1980).jpg Theodore
Yōko Matsuoka Debby Holmes
Mindy (1980).jpg Mindy
Saeko Shimazu Becke Wilenski

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Dr Tenma (1980).jpg Professor Boyton
(Dr. Tenma)
Tamio Ōki Del Lewis 1-2
Ford ep19.jpg Ms. Ford
(Ms. Honda)
Gara Takashima Debby Holmes 1, 19
Ushiyama ep1.jpg Dr. Ushiyama Kenichi Ogata Richard Ganoung 1
Prime Minister ep1.jpg Prime Minister Masayuki Katō Brian Parry
Walpurgeiss ep38.jpg Count Walpur Guiss
Shūichirō Moriyama Jay Rath 1-2, 38
Hamegg ep3.jpg Hamegg Ichirō Nagai Greg Zerkle 2-3
Kathy ep3.jpg Kathy Rihoko Yoshida Debby Holmes 3
Tornado ep3.jpg Tornado Yūji Mikimoto Paul M. Nelson
Billie ep4.jpg Billie
Yoko Shibayama Jay Rath 4, 18, 21
Mayumi Tanaka 47
AlvinsMom ep4.jpg Mrs. Gordon
(Shibugaki's Mother)
Seiko Tomoe Del Lewis 4, 18
MrGordon ep4.jpg Mr. Gordon
(Shibugaki's Father)
Minoru Inaba Carl Battaglia 4, 7
Principal ep4.jpg Principal Atsushi Ii Greg Zerkle 4
Pilat (1980).jpg Pilat Shigeru Chiba Richard Ganoung 5, 7
David G. Miller
Odette ep6.jpg Princess Odette Keiko Han Debby Holmes 6
Ziegfried ep6.jpg Prince Ziegfried Yū Mizushima Greg Zerkle
Devil King ep6.jpg Devil King
Shōzō Iizuka Paul M. Nelson
Professor Hyde ep6.jpg Professor Hyde Koichi Chiba Jay Rath
Leopold ep8.jpg
Leopold disguise ep8.jpg
Dr. Leopold
(Professor Feline)
Junji Chiba 8
Watson ep8.jpg Director Watson Keaton Yamada David G. Miller
Minister ep8.jpg Construction Minister Hiroshi Masuoka Paul M. Nelson
Pecos Pete ep10.jpg Pecos Pete
Kaneta Kimotsuki Jay Rath 9
Konrad ep10.jpg Konrad
Junichi Takeoka Greg Zerkle 10
Mitzi ep10.jpg Mitzi
Sakiko Tamagawa Kahlei A. Slick
Keel ep10.jpg Black Devil Driver
Jun Hazumi Paul M. Nelson
Hamper ep11.jpg Mr. Hamper Junkichi Yarita David G. Miller 11
Ricci ep11.jpg President Ricci
(President Rag)
Noriko Ohara Becke Wilenski
Dead Cross ep11.jpg Lord Dead Cross Mikio Terashima Richard Ganoung
Professor Maxim ep12.jpg Professor Maxim
(Dr. Makusun)
Minoru Yada David G. Miller 12
Goliath ep12.jpg Goliath
Tesshō Genda Paul M. Nelson
Light Ray Robot ep13.jpg Light Ray Robot
Masako Sugaya Kahlei A. Slick 13
Hamill ep14.jpg Hamill Rokurō Naya Greg Zerkle 14
Boss ep14.jpg Robot Kidnapper Boss
Masashi Amenomori David G. Miller
Professor Donahue ep15.jpg Professor Donahue
(Haruzo Iijo)
Hiroshi Masuoka Jay Rath 15
Cruiser ep15.jpg Cruiser
Hidetoshi Nakamura Richard Ganoung
Ben ep15.jpg Ben
Masahiro Anzai David G. Miller
Robio ep15.jpg Robio Yū Mizushima Greg Zerkle
Robiette ep15.jpg Robiette Run Sasaki Kahlei A. Slick
Kibalt ep15.jpg Kibalt Shojiro Kihara Paul M. Nelson
Ox ep15.jpg Ox Yūsaku Yara Brian Parry
Mosquito ep15.jpg Mosquito Atsushi Ii Jay Rath
Cavoltet ep15.jpg Professor Cavoltet
(Natta Yani)
Ryūji Saikachi
Professor Moss ep16.jpg Professor Moss Mahito Tsujimura Paul M. Nelson 16
Lt Blackstone ep16.jpg Lieutenant Blackstone
(Lieutenant Ketchup)
Takeshi Aono David G. Miller
Carlene ep16.jpg Carlena
Mari Okamoto Kahlei A. Slick
Lt Nelson ep16.jpg Lieutenant William Nelson
(Lieutenant Renkon)
Toshiya Ueda Paul M. Nelson
Robita ep17.jpg Robita Kiyoshi Komiyama Jay Rath 17
Neal ep17.jpg Neal
(Gen's Father)
Ryūji Nakagi Paul M. Nelson
Gene ep17.jpg Gene
Takako Sasuga Kahlei A. Slick
O108 Captain ep17.jpg Orion 108 Captain Kenichi Ogata Brian Parry
Ballast ep19.jpg Ballast
Junkichi Yarita Bob Gonzalez 19
Buck ep20.jpg Buck
Yoshiko Yamamoto Debby Holmes 20
Professor Terrapin ep20.jpg Professor Terrapin
(Dr. Tozawa)
Michihiro Ikemizu Richard Ganoung
MandrakeIV ep20.jpg Mandrake IV
(Kin Sankaku)
Eken Mine Jay Rath 20
Junpei Takiguchi 36
Snare ep20.jpg Snare
Yūsaku Yara Paul M. Nelson 20
Cross Island Admin ep20.jpg Cross Island Administrator Yasuo Muramatsu Bob Gonzalez
Teacher ep20.jpg Robot Teacher Mari Yokoo Kahlei A. Slick
Announcer ep21.jpg Announcer Akira Murayama Greg Zerkle 21
Morlock ep21.jpg Mr. Morlock
(Narikane Nishiyama)
Saburo Kamei David G. Miller
Professor Thompson ep21.jpg Professor Mark Thompson
(Dr. Kanda)
Ichirō Murakoshi Richard Ganoung
Titan Captain ep21.jpg Titan Captain Shingo Kanemoto Bob Gonzalez
Banker ep21.jpg Banker
(Futoshi Tarui)
Fumio Matsuoka Jay Rath
Laura ep21.jpg Laura
Kumiko Takizawa Becke Wilenski
Husband ep21.jpg Laura's Husband
Takashi Taniguchi Paul M. Nelson
Anthony ep21.jpg Anthony
Yōko Matsuoka Debby Holmes
Lt Minor ep21.jpg Lieutenant Minor
(Minya Michilovna)
Kazuko Yanaga Kahlei A. Slick
True ep22.jpg True Keiko Yamamoto 22
Pearl ep22.jpg Pearl
Sanae Takagi Debby Holmes
Professor Farrell ep22.jpg Professor Farrell
Atsushi Ii Greg Zerkle
Violet ep23.jpg Violet
Mami Koyama Debby Holmes 23
Sultan ep24.jpg Sultan Shōzō Iizuka David G. Miller 24-25
Abra ep25.jpg Abra Hiroya Ishimaru Greg Zerkle
Bruton ep24.jpg Bruton
Kinya Morikawa Paul M. Nelson
Mont Blanc ep24.jpg Mont Blanc Shigezō Sasaoka Greg Zerkle 24
Molnar ep24.jpg Molnar
(North #2)
Hirotaka Suzuoki Richard Ganoung
Dr Castle ep24.jpg Dr. Castle Takkō Ishimori Jay Rath
Brawndo ep24.jpg Brawndo
Kōshirō Tanaka Bob Gonzalez
Zeron ep24.jpg Zeron
Keaton Yamada Jay Rath
Hercules ep25.jpg Hercules Tesshō Genda 25
Photar ep25.jpg Photar
Hidetoshi Nakamura Bob Gonzalez
VikingA ep26.jpg Robot Viking #1 Norio Wakamoto Jay Rath 26
Viking2 ep26.jpg Robot Viking #2 Kōshirō Tanaka Richard Ganoung
Veterinarian ep26.jpg Veterinarian Fumio Matsuoka Jay Rath
Rock ep27.jpg Rock Yū Mizushima David G. Miller 27
Black Jack ep27.jpg Dr. Roget
(Black Jack)
Nachi Nozawa Brian Parry
Pinoko ep27.jpg Penny
Junko Hori Debby Holmes
Sapphire ep27.jpg Princess Sapphire Mari Okamoto Kahlei A. Slick
Chamberlain ep27.jpg Grand Chamberlain Toshiya Ueda Richard Ganoung
Pukko ep27.jpg Pukko Yūji Mitsuya Jay Rath
Gor ep27.jpg Gor Tamio Ōki Bob Gonzalez
Tom Stanton ep28.jpg Tom Stanton Ryūsei Nakao Greg Zerkle 28
Sam Stanton ep28.jpg Sam Stanton
Manager ep28.jpg Manager Rokurō Naya Jay Rath
Hellywood Boss ep28.jpg Hellywood Studios Boss Reizō Nomoto David G. Miller
Professor Haggerty ep30.jpg Professor Haggerty
(Dr. Ikisugi)
Yuzuru Fujimoto Jay Rath 30
Chairman ep30.jpg Stadium Boss Masao Imanishi Paul M. Nelson
Suzy ep31.jpg Suzy
Eiko Yamada Kahlei A. Slick 31
Grandpa ep31.jpg Grandpa Mahito Tsujimura Greg Zerkle
Baribari ep32.jpg Dr. Baribari Jōji Yanami Jay Rath 32
Cleopatra ep32.jpg Cleopatra Naoko Kouda Debby Holmes
Caesar ep32.jpg Caesar Tesshō Genda Richard Ganoung
HunterA ep34.jpg Hunter #1 Minoru Midorikawa David G. Miller 34
HunterB ep34.jpg Hunter #2 Kenichi Ogata Paul M. Nelson
Dr Huntley ep34.jpg Dr. Huntley
(Dr. Fooler)
Takuzō Kamiyama Jay Rath
Christopher ep35.jpg Christopher
Sumiko Shirakawa Debby Holmes 35
RP-3 ep35.jpg RP-3 Ikuo Nishikawa Jay Rath
McGowen ep35.jpg Professor McGowen
(Dr. Mitsuda)
Mikio Terashima Greg Zerkle
Queen Mary ep35.jpg Queen Mary Haruko Kitahama Kahlei A. Slick
Pepi ep36.jpg Pepi Yoshiko Yamamoto Becke Wilenski 36
Dolphin ep36.jpg Dolphin Keiko Yamamoto Kahlei A. Slick
Peligro Queen ep37.jpg Queen of Peligro Island
Gara Takashima Debby Holmes 37
Prison Boss ep37.jpg Undersea Labor Prison Boss Yasuo Muramatsu Paul M. Nelson
Lily ep37.jpg Lily
Kumiko Takizawa Becke Wilenski
LilysFather ep37.jpg Lily's Father
(Rumi's Father)
Minoru Yada Greg Zerkle
Parou ep38.jpg Captain Parou
(Dr. Doburofu)
Gorō Naya 38
Secretary General ep43.jpg Secretary General Hiroshi Masuoka Richard Ganoung 38
David G. Miller 43
Winston ep39.jpg Dr. Winston
(Mr. Vaccine)
Masao Imanishi Paul M. Nelson 39
Holmes ep39.jpg Detective Randolph Holmes
(Sherlock Holmspan)
Kei Tomiyama Greg Zerkle
Larson ep39.jpg Larson
Jun Hazumi David G. Miller
Blackie Young ep40.jpg
Blackie Young unmasked ep40.jpg
Blackie Young Hirotaka Suzuoki Richard Ganoung 40
Aurora ep40.jpg Aurora
Tomoko Munakata Kahlei A. Slick
Bus Driver ep40.jpg Bus Driver Minoru Inaba Paul M. Nelson
Rancher ep40.jpg Rancher Osamu Katō Jay Rath
Prisoner ep40.jpg Prisoner Yūji Mikimoto David G. Miller
Doctor ep40.jpg Doctor Koichi Chiba Paul M. Nelson
Professor Adams ep41.jpg Professor Adams
(Dr. Milky Way)
Takeshi Aono Greg Zerkle 41
Gallon ep41.jpg Galon Banjō Ginga Paul M. Nelson
Military Officer ep41.jpg Military Officer Masayuki Katō David G. Miller
Becky ep42.jpg Becky
Rihoko Yoshida Becke Wilenski 42
Duke ep42.jpg Duke
Noriko Tsukase Kahlei A. Slick
Peter ep42.jpg Peter
Shigeru Chiba Richard Ganoung
Boss Robot ep42.jpg Boss Robot Minoru Inaba Paul M. Nelson
Factory President ep42.jpg Factory President Eken Mine Jay Rath
Beckys Master ep42.jpg Becky's Master Akiko Takeguchi Debby Holmes
Chieftan ep42.jpg Chieftain Kazuya Tatekabe Brian Parry
Keely ep43.jpg Captain Keely Tesshō Genda David G. Miller 43
Feeny ep44.jpg Feeny
(Dr. Mazeb)
Kaneta Kimotsuki Jay Rath 44
Morry ep45.jpg Morry
Kaoru Kurosu Debby Holmes 45
MorrysMom ep45.jpg Morry's Mother
(Mari's Mother)
Yōko Matsuoka Celia Klehr
MorrysDad ep45.jpg Morry's Father
(Mari's Father)
Rokurō Naya Jay Rath
Zar ep45.jpg Dr. Zar
(Dr. Oz)
Kōsei Tomita Paul M. Nelson
Matthew Tennyson ep46.jpg Captain Matthew Tennyson
(Captain Tsukioka)
Hideyuki Tanaka 46
Salesman1 ep46.jpg Souvenir Salesman
(Tic & Tac)
Keaton Yamada Jay Rath
Salesman2 ep46.jpg Akio Nojima David G. Miller
Hotel Manager ep46.jpg Space Port Hotel Manager
(Roast Ham)
Masashi Amenomori Richard Ganoung
Eldridge Tennyson ep46.jpg Eldridge Tennyson
(Chief Tsukioka)
Kōichi Kitamura Greg Zerkle
Pirate ep46.jpg Space Pirate Daisuke Gōri Bob Gonzalez
Hijacker ep47.jpg Hijacker Masashi Amenomori Paul M. Nelson 47
Mr Whitely ep48.jpg Mr. Whitely
(Goro Yamazaki)
Hiroshi Masuoka Jay Rath 48
Professor Lewis.jpg Professor Lewis
(Dr. Match)
Kōichi Kitamura David G. Miller
Fireball ep48.jpg Fireball Yō Inoue Kahlei A. Slick
Guide ep48.jpg Tour Guide Atsuko Mine Debby Holmes
Torch ep49.jpg Torch
(Acetylene Lamp)
Chikao Ōtsuka David G. Miller 49
Zeus ep49.jpg
Zeus (Real Form) ep47.jpg
Zeus Akira Kamiya Jay Rath
Boy1 ep49.jpg Boy #1 Mayumi Tanaka Greg Zerkle
Boy2 ep49.jpg Boy #2 Mari Yokoo Debby Holmes
Boy3 ep49.jpg Boy #3 Yōko Matsuoka David G. Miller
Professor Gould ep50.jpg Professor Gould
(Dr. Gurudo)
Takeo Ono Greg Zerkle 50
Captain Claud ep50.jpg Captain Claud
(Captain Cloud)
Tarō Ishida Paul M. Nelson
Zamara ep15.jpg Zamara
Toshiya Ogata David G. Miller
Savi ep50.jpg Savi Satomi Majima Kahlei A. Slick
Odin ep50.jpg Odin Eiji Kanie Bob Gonzalez
Professor ep51.jpg Professor Osamu Katō Jay Rath 51
Chico ep51.jpg Chico
Keisuke Yamashita David G. Miller
Carlos ep51.jpg Carlos
Makio Inoue Richard Ganoung
Sphinx ep51.jpg Sphinx Kazuko Yanaga Debby Holmes
Garcia ep51.jpg Senor Garcia
(Monsieur Ampere)
Hiroshi Itō Paul M. Nelson
Pedro ep51.jpg Pedro
(Ben Heck)
Keaton Yamada Greg Zerkle
Fernando ep51.jpg Fernando Perez
(José Perez)
Toshiya Ueda Del Lewis
Niki ep52.jpg Niki
Mari Okamoto Becke Wilenski 52
Rindolph ep52.jpg Professor Rindolph Takeki Nakamura Jay Rath

Additional Voices

  • Richard Ganoung - Ship Captain (ep. 2), Mustached Audience Member (ep. 3), Robot Worker #1 (ep. 5), Goliath's Opponent (ep. 12), Angry Customer (ep. 13), Silver Cross Crewman #4 (ep. 16), Island Native (ep. 37), Control Panel Announcer (ep. 39), Captain Keely's Brother (ep. 43), Park Ride Operator #1 (ep. 45), Important Robot #2 (ep. 49), Ministry of Science Scientist #1 (ep. 52).
  • Bob Gonzalez - Circus Announcer (ep. 3), Atlas' Human Slave #1 (ep. 9), Race Announcer (ep. 10) Cross Island Administrator (ep. 20), Space Liner Titan Captain (ep. 21), Safari Boundary Robot Guard (ep. 34), Radio News Reader (ep. 39), Anti-Proton Gun Computer Systems Voice (ep. 38), Narrator (ep. 41), Cosmopolis Attack Squad (ep. 42), Important Robot #1 (ep. 49), Train Announcer (ep. 52).
  • Debby Holmes - Scared Girl (ep. 1), Robot Cook #2 (ep. 7), Airport Announcer (ep. 10), Kid (ep. 25), Crying Boy (ep. 30), Stewardess (ep. 40), Chieftan's Wife (ep. 42), Ministry Of Science Analysis Voice #3 (ep. 43).
  • Celia Klehr
  • Del Lewis - News Reporter (ep. 5), Newscaster (ep. 6), Robot Land Announcer (ep. 6), Robot Land Magic Mirror (ep. 6), Announcer (ep. 7), RTV Announcer (ep. 10), Radio Announcer (ep. 12), TV Announcer 2 (ep. 13), Narrator (ep. 25), Announcer (ep. 34), Airport Announcer (ep. 40), Religious Video Narrator (ep. 45).
  • David G. Miller - Gangster Boss (ep. 3), Kidnapper Robot Guard #2 (ep. 14), Police Chief (ep. 22), TV Announcer (ep. 23), Analyzing Announcer (ep. 30), Dam Engineer (ep. 31), News Reporter (ep. 41), Salesman (ep. 42), Ministry of Science Robot Guard (ep. 44), Boy Riding Carousel (ep. 45), Deliveryman (ep. 40), Jumbotron Announcer (ep. 46), Important Robot #3 (ep. 49).
  • Paul M. Nelson - Black Scientist (ep. 1), Conference Announcer (ep. 4), Amusement Park Technician (ep. 4), Minister (ep. 8), Security Officer #2 (ep. 8), Ministry of Science Robot Guard #1 (ep. 14), Man Asking About Earthquake Report (ep. 22), Man in Robot Costume (ep. 28), Disbeliever (ep. 32), Sunshine Island Cruise Announcer (ep. 35), Larson's Henchman #2 (ep. 39), Genie (ep. 41), Ministry of Science Computer Analyzer (ep. 44), Security Guard (ep. 52).
  • Brian Parry - Auctioneer (ep. 12), Jewelry Store Owner (ep. 13), Cross Island Robot Guard #1 (ep. 20), Director (ep. 28).
  • Jay Rath - Scared Boy (ep. 1), Cruise Ship Announcement (ep. 2), Computer Voice (ep. 3), Man Telling Daddy Walrus to Move (ep. 4), Butler (ep. 7), Airport Security Guard Robot (ep. 11), Dead Cross Soldier 3 (ep. 11), Robot Announcer (ep. 11), National Robot Contest Announcer (ep. 13), TV Competition Announcer (ep. 14), Ministry of Science Robot Guard #2 (ep. 14), Ministry of Science Robot Guard #3 (ep. 14), Car Driver (ep. 14), Kidnapper Robot Guard #3 (ep. 14), Remodelling Computer (ep. 14), Space Shuttle Station Announcer (ep. 18), Cross Island Robot Guard #2 (ep. 20), Space Liner Titan First Officer (ep. 21), Car Announcer (ep. 22), Train Conductor (ep. 22), Molnar's Master (ep. 24), Bat (ep. 27), Voice on Telephone (ep. 29), Atlas' Robot Guard (ep. 33), Safari Robot Ranger (ep. 34), Larson's Henchman #1 (ep. 39), Sun Sphere Robot Operator (ep. 39), Fisherman (ep. 41), News Reporter (ep. 41), Scientist Assistant (ep. 41), Moustached Scientist (ep. 41), Duke's Master (ep. 42), Registration Robot (ep. 42), Damaged Space Station Worker #1 (ep. 42), Damaged Space Station Worker #2 (ep. 42), Neptune Robot Worker #12 (ep. 43), Space Station Scientist (ep. 43), Ministry Of Science Analysis Voice #1 (ep. 43), Boy with Baseball (ep. 45), Park Ride Operator #2 (ep. 45), Park Ride Operator #3 (ep. 45), Space Port R54 Communications Officer (ep. 46), Responding Pilot (ep. 46), News Anchor (ep. 47), Boy Who Finds Astro in Park (ep. 49), Dock Lookout (ep. 50), Ministry of Science Scientist #2 (ep. 52).
  • Kahlei A. Slick - Cruise Ship Diner (ep. 2), Robot Worker #2 (ep. 5), Robot Cook #1 (ep. 7), Mustached Man (ep. 7), Disbeliever (ep. 32), Ministry Of Science Analysis Voice #2 (ep. 43), Background Robot (ep. 44), Librarian (ep. 45).
  • Becke Wilenski - Kid (ep. 25), Additional Voices
  • Greg Zerkle - Principal (ep. 4), Fire Chief (ep. 7), Security Officer (ep. 8), Silver Cross Crewman #5 (ep. 16), Spaceship 108 Officer (ep. 17), Fight Announcer (ep. 30), Subway Dispatcher (ep. 33), Damaged Space Station Reporter (ep. 42), Neptune Robot Worker #1 (ep. 43), Defense Force Mars Base Announcer (ep. 43), Boy on the Ramp (ep. 45), Airship Memorial Captain (ep. 47), Important Robot #4 (ep. 49), Train Passenger (ep. 52).

Canadian Dub

Early Canadian copyright laws did not require dub actors to be listed in credits, so the majority of the Canadian English cast is unknown. Bednarski's involvement was revealed by Bednarski himself on an Astro Boy fan forum.

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Main Characters
Astro Boy (1980).jpg Astro Boy Mari Shimizu Steven Bednarski
Elefun (1980).jpg Professor Peabody
(Professor Ochanomizu)
Hisashi Katsuta ?
Secondary Characters
Uran (1980).jpg Sarah
Masako Sugaya ?

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Episode
Rock ep27.jpg Gary
Yū Mizushima ? 27
Black Jack ep27.jpg Dr. Swenson
(Black Jack)
Nachi Nozawa ?
Pinoko ep27.jpg Mary Ann
Junko Hori Bronwen Mantel
Sapphire ep27.jpg Princess Angela
(Princess Sapphire)
Mari Okamoto Jane Woods
Chamberlain ep27.jpg Grand Chamberlain Toshiya Ueda ?
Pukko ep27.jpg Papagano
Yūji Mitsuya ?
Gor ep27.jpg Golar
Tamio Ōki ?
Becky ep42.jpg Becky
Rihoko Yoshida ? 42
Duke ep42.jpg Duke
Noriko Tsukase Bronwen Mantel
Peter ep42.jpg Peter
Shigeru Chiba ?
Boss Robot ep42.jpg Boss Robot Minoru Inaba ?
Factory President ep42.jpg Factory President Eken Mine Walter Massey
Beckys Master ep42.jpg Becky's Master Akiko Takeguchi Kathleen Fee
Chieftan ep42.jpg Chieftain Kazuya Tatekabe Rob Roy

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
1983-1992 ABC Australia Australia
1985-1990 Radio-Canada Canada Canada
1986-1992 PBS United States United States
1996-2001 Nickelodeon Australia Australia
2008-2009 Boomerang

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Manga Entertainment 2005 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
8 Discs
Madman Entertainment 2009 The Complete Series 4
Australia Australia
2 Volumes
Discotek Media 2022 BD The Complete Series A
United States United States
4 Discs

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