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Asterix & the Big Fight (Astérix et le coup du menhir) is a French animated film based on the comics created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It is the sixth animated film starring the characters.


When the druid Panoramix is attacked by some Roman soldiers, Obelix drives them away by throwing a menhir on them - which accidentally hits Panoramix. After this the druid has lost his memory and can not remember the formula of his magic potions, especially the one which gives superhuman strength.

Dubbing History

Two dubs of the film were produced simultaneously in 1990; the first dub was produced in the United Kingdom, featuring an all-star cast, and was released on May 4, 1990.

An American produced dub was commissioned by Disney/Touchstone Pictures for a planned US release in 1990, but never materialized and was shelved. This version features more mainstream pre-lay voice actors, as well as all-star actors Henry Winkler and Rosey Grier. The dub was first released in 1995 for the UK Mollin Video VHS release, rather than using the British dub. The American dub is considered inferior by fans of the original due to it changing parts of the script as well as character names, and general dumbing-down for an audience assumed to be unfamiliar with the characters.

The American dub assigns stereotypical Italian comedy accents to the Roman characters, features a narrator (voiced by Tony Jay) explaining the plot to the audience, several anachronisitic jokes, and makes changes to the terminology of the original story, substituting "wizard" for druid, "fortuneteller" for soothsayer, "rockets" for menhirs, and "vitamin potion" for the magic potion.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor (UK) Dub Actor (US)
Asterix ABF.jpg Asterix Roger Carel Bill Oddie Henry Winkler
Obelix ABF.jpg Obelix Pierre Tornade Bernard Bresslaw Rosey Grier
Prolix ABF.jpg Prolix Julien Guiomar Ron Moody Bill Martin
Impedimenta ABF.jpg Impedimenta Marie-Anne Chazel Sheila Hancock Lucille Bliss
Getafix ABF.jpg Getafix Henri Labussière Peter Hawkins Danny Mann
Caous ABF.jpg General Caous Roger Lumont Brian Blessed Ed Gilbert
Crysus ABF.jpg Crysus Patrick Préjean Michael Elphick Danny Mann
Ardeco ABF.jpg Ardeco Gerard Croce Andrew Sachs Greg Burson
Cacofonix ABF.jpg Cacofonix Edgar Givry Tim Brooke-Taylor
Vitalstatistix ABF.jpg Vitalstatistix Henri Poirer Douglas Blackwell
Mrs. Geriatrix Jeanine Forney Unknown Mona Marshall
Narration N/A Tony Jay

Additional Voices

UK Dub


  • Due to the release plans falling through, some prints of the US dub don't include voice actor credits, and on the UK Optimum Releasing DVD release, the German credits are used instead of the proper credits.
  • The end credits for the US dub recycle the scrolling credits from the UK dub, as such, the crew members of that dub are mentioned as well.
  • While the UK Dub utilizes the established English character names, the US dub renames many of the casts to its own tongue-in-cheek names.
    • Getafix is named 'Vitamix'.
    • Vitalstatistix is named 'Bombastix'.
    • Cacofonix is named 'Franksinatrix'.
    • Impedimenta keeps her original French name of 'Bonemine'.
    • Caous is named 'Bossa Nova'.
    • Crysus is named 'Optione'.
    • Ardeco is named 'Sergeant Noodles'.
  • There are moments in the US Dub where dialogue from the British version is utilized as background audio, and moments where character laughs are recycled from both that dub, as well as the French version and certain other dubs.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Palace Video 1990 VHS.jpg U.K. PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
Mollin Video 1995 U.S.
Optimum Releasing 2006* DVD.jpg U.S. 2

*In a Box Set with Asterix the Gaul, Asterix & Cleopatra, The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, Asterix Versus Caesar and Asterix in Britain.

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