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Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods (Astérix: Le Domaine des Dieux) is a French-Belgian 3D computer-animated adventure family comedy film written and directed by Alexandre Astier. It is based on the Asterix comic book The Mansions of the Gods. It was released in France on November 26, 2014.

Dubbing History

The Film was dubbed in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada by Ocean Productions and directed by Karl Willems. This dub was first released on March 12, 2015 in Singapore and later saw a release in Canada and Australia.

When the dub was released in the United Kingdom, several roles were redubbed with prominent British actors and voice actors, though the majority of secondary and incidental roles were maintained. It was released theatrically in the United Kingdom on August 19, 2016


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
International U.K. Version
Asterix AMOTG.jpg Asterix Roger Carel Ken Kramer Jack Whitehall
Obelix AMOTG.jpg Obelix Guillaume Briat C. Ernst Harth Nick Frost
Centurion Somniferus AMOTG.jpg Centurion Somniferus Alexandre Astier Jason Simpson Greg Davies
Vitalstatistix AMOTG.jpg Vitalstatistix Serge Papagalli Don Brown Matt Berry
Dulcia AMOTG.jpg Dulcia Géraldine Nakache Tabitha St. Germain Catherine Tate
Anonymus AMOTG.jpg Anonymus Artus de Penguern Alan Marriott Harry Enfield
Unhygenix AMOTG.jpg Unhygienix François Morel Jason Simpson Richard McCourt
Fulliautomatix AMOTG.jpg Fulliautomatix Lionnel Astier Scott McNeil Dominic Wood
Caesar AMOTG.jpg Julius Caesar Philippe Morier-Genoud Mark Oliver Jim Broadbent
Squaronthehypotenus AMOTG.jpg Squaronthehypotenus Lorànt Deutsch Richard Ian Cox
Flaturtha AMOTG.jpg Flaturtha Laurent Lafitte Donny Lucas
Prospectus AMOTG.jpg Senator Prospectus Alain Chabat Colin Murdock
Tofungus AMOTG.jpg Tofungus Elie Semoun Samuel Vincent
Getafix AMOTG.jpg Getafix Bernard Alane John Innes
Givusabonus AMOTG.jpg Givusabonus Florian Gazan Scott McNeil Jon Clifford
Impedimenta AMOTG.jpg Impedimenta Florence Foresti Saffron Henderson Elizabeth Bower
Cacofonix AMOTG.jpg Cacofonix Arnaud Leonard Alan Marriott
Mischiefus AMOTG.jpg Mischiefus Oscar Pauwels Hannah Beth Jackson
Bacteria AMOTG.jpg Bacteria Joëlle Sevilla Saffron Henderson Elizabeth Bower
Geriatrix AMOTG.jpg Geriatrix Laurent Morteau Ron Halder
Pestiferus AMOTG.jpg Senator Pestiferus Brice Fournier
Fastidius AMOTG.jpg Senator Fastidius Christophe Bourseiller Andrew Toth
Consensus AMOTG.jpg Senator Consensus Olivier Saladin Marco Soriano
Humerus AMOTG.jpg Humerus Franck Pitiot Michael Adamthwaite
Radius AMOTG.jpg Radius Sébastien Lalanne Andrew Toth
Doctor AMOTG.jpg Doctor Benjamin Gauthier John Innes
Goth Gladiator AMOTG.jpg Goth Gladiator Pascal Demolon Scott McNeil
Numidian Gladiator AMOTG.jpg Numidian Gladiator Baptiste Lecaplain Samuel Vincent
Roman Lady 1 AMOTG.jpg Roman Ladies Virginia Anderson Jennifer Cameron
Roman Lady 2 AMOTG.jpg Pauline Moingeon-Vallès Saffron Henderson
Serius AMOTG.jpg Serius Damien Gillard Marc Soriano
Painter AMOTG.jpg Mosaic Artist Sébastien Lalanne Samuel Vincent
Guide AMOTG.jpg Guide Benjamin Gauthier Andrew Toth
Cluelus AMOTG.jpg Cluelus Louis Clichy
Brute1 AMOTG.jpg Roman Brutes Damien Gillard Marc Soriano
Brute2 AMOTG.jpg Brice Fournier Michael Adamthwaite
Roman AMOTG.jpg Roman Damien Gillard Samuel Vincent
Civilian1 AMOTG.jpg Civilian Brice Fournier Marc Soriano

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Mongrel Media 2015 DVD.jpg
International 1
Canada Canada
Madman Entertainment DVD.jpg 4
Australia Australia
Kaleidoscope Entertainment 2016 BD UK B
United Kingdom United Kingdom

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