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Around the World with Willy Fog (Spanish: La vuelta al mundo de Willy Fog, Japanese: アニメ80日間世界一周 Anime Hachijūnichikan Sekai Isshū) is a Spanish-Japanese animated adaptation of Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne, produced by Spanish studio BRB Internacional and Televisión Española, and animation by Japanese studio Nippon Animation, which was first broadcast on TVE1 in 1984.

An English dub of the series was recorded at Intersound, Inc., and was directed by Tom Wyner. While the series never achieved popularity in the United States, the English version found fame when it was broadcast on Children's BBC in the United Kingdom.


In 1872 London, Willy Fog is the quintessential British gentleman of rigid sedentary habits, much to his new servants', Rigodon and Tico, pleasure. Suddenly, Fog is forced to take an extraordinary wager on behalf of a friend that he can circumnavigate the world in 80 days. Now, with little but a satchel carrying the necessary funds, Fog and his staff start their journey. Unknown to Fog, he is doggedly pursued by Scotland Yard detectives Dix and Bully on suspicion of a bank robbery. More seriously, however, Fog's movements are also being shadowed by Transfer, a villainous master of disguise who is commissioned by his enemies to interfere in the journey in any way he can. Regardless, Fog is determined to see the challenge through, finding dangers and friends, of which the gracious Princess Romy is the most welcome of new companions, on a journey unlike any other of their time.


Image Character Actor de Voz Seiyū Dub Actor
Willy Fog Anime 80SI.png Willy Fog Claudio Rodriguez Banjō Ginga ¿?
Rigadon Anime 80SI.png Rigodon Manuel Peiro Kei Tomiyama Cam Clarke
Tico Anime 80SI.png Tico José Moratalla Masako Nozawa Gregory Snegoff
Princess Romy Anime 80SI.png Princess Romy Gloria Camara Miki Takahashi ¿?
Transfer Anime 80SI.png Transfer Antoníl García Shigeru Chiba Tom Wyner
Commissioner Rowan Anime 80SI.png Commissioner Rowan Benjamín Domingo Tomomichi Nishimura Tony Clay
(eps. 1-7)
(eps. 10-23)
Inspector Dix Anime 80SI.png Inspector Dix Rafael de Penagos Ichirō Nagai Gregory Snegoff
Constable Bully Anime 80SI.png Constable Bully Luis Marin Kenichi Ogata ¿?
Brigadier Corn Anime 80SI.png Brigadier Corn José María Cordero Kōzō Shioya Jerry Hauck
Lord Guiness Anime 80SI.png Lord Guinness Alfonso Santigosa Shin Aomori Ted Lehmann
(eps. 1-5)
(eps. 8-26)
Mr. Sullivan Anime 80SI.png Mr. Sullivan Félix Acaso Tesshō Genda Tom Wyner
Ralph Anime 80SI.png Ralph Eduardo Jover Naoki Tatsuta Cam Clarke
Andrew Speedy Anime 80SI.png Andrew Speedy ¿? ¿? Tom Wyner
Narrator Teófilo Martínez ¿? Ted Lehmann
(eps. 1-22)
(eps. 23-26)

Additional Voices


Date(s) Channel Country
1987-1988 BBC United Kingdom United Kingdom
1989 RTÉ Ireland Ireland

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Sony Video Software Company 1985 VHS.jpg Episodes 1-8 (?) NTSC United States United States
8 Volumes (?)
The Video Collection 1988-1989 Episodes 1-10 PAL United Kingdom United Kingdom
6 Volumes
Revelation Films 2004 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 0
5 Volumes
2005 The Complete Series
5 Discs

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