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Armitage: Poly-Matrix (アミテージ POLY-MATRIX, Amitēji Pori Matorikkusu) is a 1996 anime film compiled from the OVA series Armitage III.


A policeman, Ross Sylibus, is assigned to a unit on a Martian colony, to find that women are being murdered by a psychotic named D'anclaude. He is assigned a very unorthodox partner named Naomi Armitage, who seems to have links to the victims. To stir things up more, every victim is found to be an illegally made third-generation android, built to be almost perfect replications of humans. It becomes a race against time when the government attempts to cover up the existence of the 'Third Types', and eliminate the only ones with the evidence.

Dubbing History

A year after Animaze released their dubbed version of the Armitage III OVA series, it was decided to edit the episodes together into a 100 minute compilation film with the likes of Elizabeth Berkley and Kiefer Sutherland redubbing Naomi and Ross respectively. Most of the voice acting is actually recycled from the original dub of the OVAs, the main exception being Mike Reynolds who was brought in to redub Larry Randolph for voice consistency.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Naomi Armitage Hiroko Kasahara Elizabeth Berkley
Ross Sylibus Yasunori Masutani Kiefer Sutherland
Dr. Asakura Shunsuke Shima Barry Stigler
René D'anclaude Ryūsei Nakao Daniel Woren
Julian Moore Megumi Ogata Wanda Nowicki
Larry Randolph Masaharu Satō Mike Reynolds
Demetrio Mardini Kazuhiro Yamaji Michael McConnohie
Eddie Barrows Hirohiko Kakegawa Bryan Cranston
Chris Brown Nobutoshi Canna Stephen Apostolina
Kelly McCanon Chieko Nanba Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Jessica Manning Chiharu Kataishi Riva Spier
Rosalind Horhes Yuko Kobayashi Ellyn Stern

Additional Voices

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Pioneer Entertainment 1996 VHS.jpg NTSC United States United States
1997 DVD.jpg 1
Geneon Entertainment 2004
FUNimation Entertainment 2012**

*Bundled with Dual-Matrix
**Also includes uncut OVAs & Dual-Matrix

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