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Armageddon (아마게돈) is a 1996 South Korean animated film. An English dub was released the next year by Animaze.


Four billion years ago in the Andromeda Nebula, an ambitious project was launched. The project was known as the Omega Program. The human race was the result of this project. But not only was the human race created but an evil force as well, and now the humans last hope the Delta Boy - the living avatar of the supercomputer that began life on earth - must save Earth. His only problem is staying alive long enough to save his future and that of all humanity.


Character Dub Actor
Heisung / Delta Boy Lex Lang
Commander Kaseros Steve Blum
Hades Tom Wyner
Marie Kim / Pandora Wendee Lee
Queen Hera Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Tantharos Barry Stigler
Gamma 66-66 Daniel Woren
Gaia Bridget Hoffman
Griffin Richard Cansino
Mother Mona Marshall
Assassin Steve Blum
Teacher Steve Bulen
Pupil Mona Marshall

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