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Angelo Rules (Angelo la Débrouille) is an animated series produced by TeamTO and Cake Entertainment and directed by Chloé Miller and Franz Kirchner. It is based on the book series Comment Faire Enrager... by Sylvie De Mathuisieulx and Sebastien Diologent.


At 11 years old, Angelo is a little young to be a called wise-guy but he's certainly well on his way. From elaborate plans to comic strategies, Angelo sweet-talks and works his way around his various adversaries and problems. He's a genius with a knack for getting out of trouble.

Dubbing History

An English dub was released in 2010, with Cartoon Network airing it in over 152 countries. In the United States, the series was acquired by Cartoon Network and premiered on 1 January 2010, with season two debuting on 2 June 2014.


Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Angelo Dujardin Susan Sindberg
Marie Diot
Jennifer Visalli
Sherwood (Victor Laforêt) Jackie Berger
Brigitte Lecordier
Aaron Conley
Lola Frédérique Marlot Cassandra Lee Morris
Dad Patrick Pellegrin John Douglas
Mom ¿? Gail Thomas
Peter Lawrence ¿? Jackson Rheingold
Mr. Foot (Mr. Leroux) Jean-Pierre Leblan Bill Morgan
Tracy Flickerger ¿? Jessica DiCicco
Ethan (Yoann) Vincent de Bouard ¿?
Elena Lawrence ¿? Michelle Layton
(season 1)
Katie DiCicco
(season 2-4)
Walter Manetti ¿? Danny McDermott
Coach Zonka ¿? Carter Jackson



Date(s) Channel Country
2010-15 Cartoon Network United States United States
2019-present Primo TV


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