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Angel Sanctuary (天使禁猟区, Tenshi Kinryouku) is a 3-episode OVA series directed by Kiyoko Sayama at Hal Film Maker and based on the popular manga by Kaori Yuki. Originally licensed by Central Park Media, it was later re-released by Media Blasters.


Setsuna Mudo is a college freshman, just trying to get by without running afoul of his bullying seniors. It doesn't help that he's in love with his sister, Sara, who only sees him once a month. But there's more to his life than just keeping his head down.

Setsuna is ambushed by mysterious beings, angels, and demons, all professing to know his true destiny. The angels say he is the reincarnation of their leader Alexiel, while the demons claim he led them to war against God himself.

As Setsuna struggles with his identity in such strange times, the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell threatens to reignite. Will he be prepared when it does?


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Setsuna Mudo Kenji Nojima Scott Cargle
Sara Mudo Ayako Kawasumi Tara Sands
Kurai Yūko Miyamura Veronica Taylor
Arachne Mayumi Asano Pamela Lewis
Sakuya Kira Takehito Koyasu Wayne Grayson
Fujiko Takimoto
Rosiel Susumu Chiba Crispin Freeman
Katan Shinichirō Miki Jeffrey Gimble
Seraphita Ryūsei Nakao Edward Hajj
Yue Kato Yūji Ueda David Logan Rankin
Alexiel Ai Orikasa Suzanne Savoy
Yoji Katsuya Shiga ¿?
Jade Sakiko Tamagawa ¿?
Kira's Father Nobuo Tobita ¿?
Mother Mudou ¿? Shelly
Narrator Takehito Koyasu Eric Schussler

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Video Releases[]

Distributor Year Format Region Country
Central Park Media 2001 DVD 1
United States United States
Media Blasters 2007

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