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Angel Links (星方天使エンジェルリンクス Seihō Tenshi Enjeru Rinkusu) is an anime television series produced by Sunrise. It is a spin-off of the manga Outlaw Star by Takehiko Itō. It was originally aired across the Japanese WOWOW television network from April 7 to June 30, 1999.


Within the stars lie space pirates ready to take out unsuspecting vessels. Working to defend the transporters who can’t afford escorts is a company known as Angel Links. Led by the 16-year-old Meifon Li, they work to keep the stars safe for those just trying to do their jobs—and free of charge! But Meifon’s past is about to catch up with her and give them a hell of a time.


Character Seiyū Dub Actor
Meifon Li Ryōka Yuzuki Mariette Sluyter
Kosei Hida Hikaru Midorikawa Tommy Campbell
Valeria Vertone Atsuko Tanaka Elizabeth Stepkowski
Duuz Delax Rex Kenji Utsumi Dave Kelly
Aihara Marina Ono Esther Huang
Anne Miki Itō Meredith Taylor-Parry
Leon Lau Kazuo Hayashi Ethan Cole
Yayoi Yukari Tamura Caroline Hedin
Nikola Kōji Yusa Craig Klemme
Sergei Kazuya Nakai Dave Hudson
Chenho Li Osamu Kobayashi Dave Pettitt
Gordon Hoi Kiyonobu Suzuki Doug McKeag
Goryu Wataru Takagi Ethan Cole

Episodic Characters

Character Seiyū Dub Actor Ep.
Exiade Leego Daisuke Gōri Dave Pettitt 1
Marcotte Yasunori Matsumoto Byron Close 2
Warren Takehito Koyasu Ethan Cole 3
Claude Toshihiko Nakajima Dave Pettitt 5
Iris Akiko Kimura Meredith Taylor-Parry
JJ Nobuyuki Hiyama Doug McKeag
Jesia Miki Nagasawa Maureen Jones
Sally Yukari Tamura Elizabeth Stepkowski
Cyrus Ryōtarō Okiayu Dave Kelly 8
Lawrence McGuire Norio Wakamoto Jonathan Love 9
Ulgen Michihiro Ikemizu Dave Pettitt 10

Additional Voices

  • Paul Boucher
  • Ethan Cole
  • Craig Klemme
  • Doug McKeag
  • Dave Pettitt


  • The characters Valeria and Duuz originally appeared in the 19th Episode of Outlaw Star. As such, due to the series being dubbed in Calgary, Alberta (whereas Outlaw Star was dubbed in Los Angeles), neither of their respective voice actors (Debra Jean Rogers and Richard Epcar) return to the voice them. The same applies for Claude and Iris, both recurring characters in Outlaw Star (originally voiced by Steve McGowan and Rebecca Forstadt, respectively), who appear in Episode 5.
  • Claude's name was originally translated as Clyde in Outlaw Star.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Content Region Country
Bandai Entertainment 2001 DVD.jpg The Complete Series 1
United States United States
4 Volumes
2003 The Complete Series
4 Discs
FUNimation Entertainment 2018 The Complete Series
2 Discs

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