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Ana Sani (born September 14, 1983) is a voice actor known for voicing Izzy Moonbow from My Little Pony G5, Piper Willowbrook / Mysticon Styker from Mysticons, and Strawberry Shortcake.


Anime Dubbing[]


  • Bakugan: Battle Planet (2018-2020) - Dee, Emily, Veronica Venegas, Mrs. Dane (Ep. 9), Staff (Ep. 24), Servant (Ep. 29)
  • Bakugan: Armored Alliance (2020-2021) - Emily, Veronica Venegas, Young Wife, Girl (Ep. 4), Newscaster (Ep. 7), Little Girl (Ep. 12), Girl A, Female Fan A (Ep. 14)
  • Bakugan: Geogan Rising (2021) - Crystal Blue, Dee, Emily, Veronica Venegas, Little Girl (Ep. 12), Cat (Ep. 15)
  • Bakugan: Evolutions (2022) - Crystal Blue, Veronica Venegas, Additional Voices
  • Bakugan: Legends (2023) - Crystal Blue, Veronica Venegas, Additional Voices

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