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Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp (アラジンと魔法のランプ Arajin to mahō no ranpu) is a 1982 anime fantasy film based on the Middle Eastern folk tale of Aladdin. The film was released in Japan on 13 March 1982 by Toei.


Aladdin, a street boy discovers the secret summoning a Genie from within an ordinary-looking lamp. A wicked wizard covets the lamp's magical powers and sets about stealing it. Aladdin and his companion, a runaway princess, pit themselves against the wizard's malevolent spells. Good battles evil and white magic combats black before this Persian fable ends.

Dubbing History

Aladdin & the Wonderful Lamp has a near identical dubbing background as Swan Lake. The film was originally dubbed by Frontier Enterprises in Tokyo. This dub would be released on VHS by Media Home Entertainment.

An alternate dub was recorded at Golden Sync Studios and distributed in United States and Canada by The Samuel Goldwyn Company, and featured a celebrity voice cast as the main characters (Christopher Atkins, Kristy McNichol, John Carradine and June Lockhart). This dub would air on Television by The Disney Channel in September 3, 1984 and American Movie Classics (AMC) in April 5, 1992. But, has not seen a home media release to date.


Image Character Seiyū Dub Actor Japan Dub Actor United States
Aladdin Kazuo Kamiya John Armstrong Christopher Atkins
Aladdin Princess.jpg Princess Badar Keiko Suzuka Gerri Sorrells Kristy McNichol
Aladdin Wizard1.jpg
Aladdin Wizard2.jpg
Wizard Kikuo Kaneuchi Joseph Zucatti John Carradine
Aladdin lamp.jpg Genie of the Lamp Kazuo Kitamura Richard Murphy John Hostetter
Aladdin Ring.jpg Genie of the Ring Yoshisada Sakaguchi William Ross Mike Reynolds
Aladdin Mother.jpg Aladdin's Mother Reiko Nanao Judith Sackheim June Lockhart
Aladdin Sultan.jpg Sultan Kazuo Kitamura Mike Worman Ted Lehmann

Additional Voices

Frontier Dub


Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Dub Region Country
Media Home Entertainment 1988 VHS.jpg Frontier NTSC United States United States

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