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Adventures on Rainbow Pond, originally known as Demetan Croaker (けろっこデメタン Kerokko Demetan) is a 39 episode anime series by Tatsunoko Productions first aired in 1973.


Jonathan Jumper is a poor young frog living in Rainbow Pond with his mother and father, who becomes friends with a popular and sweet girl named Hilary Hopper, despite the differences in their social standings. Hilary is the daughter of the leader of Rainbow Pond, Mayor Maxwell, while Jonathan and his parents are tree frogs, which them automatic outcasts in the community. Together, Jonathan and Hilary enjoy many adventures.

Dubbing History

Demetan Croaker was translated into the English language on two separate occasions by Harmony Gold. In 1985, two feature-length movie adaptations, edited from the TV series, were produced by Harmony Gold. The two movies, titled The Brave Frog and The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure, tell the entire storyline of the series in heavily condensed form. The first movie was released on videocassette in 1994 and on DVD in 1999.

In 1989, Harmony Gold also translated the 39 episodes into English under the title Adventures on Rainbow Pond. This version featured different name localizations from The Brave Frog films, such as renaming Demetan to Jonathan Jumper, as well as a different voice cast. It was sold for syndication by Harmony Gold, though failed to sell to any American stations. Despite this, various dubs in other languages, including Latin Spanish, German and Portuguese used the dub as the basis; while the English dub is known to have aired in the Middle East.[1]


Character Original Name Seiyū Dub Actor
Jonathan Jumper Demetan Yuko Hisamatsu Dave Mallow
Hilary Hopper Ranatan Mari Okamoto Julie Maddalena
Mayor Maxwell Lord Gyata Kōsei Tomita Michael McConnohie
Narrator Haruko Kitahama Doug Stone

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