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Adventures of the Little Mermaid (人魚姫マリーナの冒険 Ningyo Hime Marina no Bouken, The Adventures of Mermaid Princess Marina), also known as Saban's Adventures of the Little Mermaid is an anime series produced by Fuji Television in the early 1990s, based on upon the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Little Mermaid. In Japan, the series was broadcast on Japan's Fuji TV network from February to July 1991. The series was released in America for Saturday morning and weekday afternoon syndication by Saban Entertainment in the summer of 1991.


Image Seiyū Dub Actor
Marina Jun Kōyamaki Sonja Ball
Prince Justin Takehito Koyasu Thor Bishopric
Winnie Yuko Kobayashi Anik Matern
Bobo Carlyle Miller
Ridley Sakiko Tamagawa Arthur Holden
Anselm Toshiya Ueda Aron Tager
Chauncey Ryūzo Ishino Gordon Masten
Hedwig Chie Kitagawa Sonja Ball
Duhdlee Tesshō Genda Ian Finlay
Prince Lothar Shingo Hiromori Richard Dumont
Barnabas Junko Hagimori ?
Coral Yuriko Yamamoto ?
King Charles Michael Rudder
Queen Margaret Susan Glover
King Nestor Shōzō Iizuka Terrence Scammell
Grandmother Serena Tomie Kataoka Susan Glover
Narrator Jane Woods

Additional Voices


  • Opening: "Adventures of the Little Mermaid"
Vocals: Rachelle Cano


Date(s) Channel Country
1991 Syndication United States United States
1991 YTV Canada Canada
Nine Network Australia Australia

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Region Country
Golden Entertainment 1992 VHS.jpg  Episodes 1-2, 5, 11-15 NTSC United States United States
8 Volumes
Boulevard Entertainment 2004 DVD.jpg Episodes 1-10 2
United Kingdom United Kingdom
2 Volumes
Maximum Entertainment 2005 5 Episodes
1 Volume
Jetix Films 2007 15 Episodes
3 Volumes


  • The cover for Volume 2 of the Jetix Films release uses images from Golden Films's 1992 adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

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