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Action Force was a edited version of the animated series G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero released on VHS in the United Kingdom by Tempo Video.

Dubbing History

This version was recorded for Tempo Video and released on VHS tapes by them, broadcasts on British satellite television used the "G.I. Joe: International Heroes" version of the series instead. Notably, the call of "Yo Joe!" became "Full Force!" and Sgt. Slaughter was renamed Sgt. Slammer. The redub was recorded in Los Angeles with non-union voice actors.


Image Character Original Actor Dub Actor
Hawk.jpg Hawk Ed Gilbert ¿?
Duke RAH.jpg Duke Michael Bell Richard Epcar
Sergeant Slaughter.jpg Sgt. Slammer
(Sgt. Slaughter)
Bob Remus Jeff Winkless
Doctor Mindbender.jpg Doctor Mindbender Brian Cummings
Cobra Comm. Faceplate.jpg
Cobra Comm. Clothmask.jpg
Cobra Commander Chris Latta ¿?