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Abby Hatcher is a Canadian CGI-animated television series created by Rob Hoegee. Produced by Guru Studio in conjunction with Spin Master Entertainment for Nickelodeon, the series premiered on January 1, 2019, while debuting online on December 18, 2018.


Image Character Original Actor UK Dub
Abby Hatcher.png Abby Hatcher Macy Drouin Maisie Marsh
Miranda Hatcher.png Miranda Hatcher Josette Jorge ¿?
Lex Hatcher.png Lex Hatcher Terry McGurrin ¿?
Chef Jeff.png Chef Jeff Paul Sun-Hyung Lee John Knowles
Melvin Melvin Jr.png Melvin Melvin Jr. Christian Campbell Eden Lawrence
Mrs. Melvin.png Mrs. Melvin Kim Roberts ¿?
Melvin Melvin Sr.png Melvin Melvin Sr. Deven Mack ¿?
Judge Thorn.png Judge Thorn Catherine Disher ¿?
Wai Po.png Wai Po Jane Luk ¿?


  • Only the human characters are re-dubbed while the Fuzzlies retain their original voices. Unlike most British dubs which typically redub the entire cast.


Date(s) Channel Country
2019-present Nick Jr. United Kingdom United Kingdom
2020-present Channel 5

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