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Aaron Mitchell Dismuke (born October 13, 1992) is an American voice actor, ADR director and script writer for FUNimation Entertainment. He is best known for his role as Alphonse Elric in the English dub for Fullmetal Alchemist, whom he voiced when he was 12 years old.


Dismuke made his start as a young child. His cousin, voice actor and director Justin Cook, brought him in after seeing great potential. He started voice acting at nine years old, where he voiced Hiro Sohma and the young Akito Sohma in Fruits Basket.

When he was twelve years old, he was given his first lead role as Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist. In Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, his role of Alphonse Elric was replaced by Maxey Whitehead due to Dismuke hitting puberty, but returned to reprise his role in the live-action movie on Netflix. He also voice the young Van Hohenheim, the Elric brothers' father in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

He is the voice of many characters such as Chihiro Furuya from Sankarea, Lucifer from The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Arslan from The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Twelve from Terror in Resonance, Leonardo Watch from Blood Blockade Battlefront and Van Fanel from The Vision of Escaflowne.

In 2016, he was cast as Oscar Pine in the Rooster Teeth animated series RWBY and in 2017 he was cast as Yukiya Naruse from Code Geass: Akito the Exiled.

In 2022, Dismuke was diagnosed with COVID-19. He also went on vocal care with some of his ongoing roles being temporarily replaced with other voice actors: Matt Shipman replaced him as Reinhard von Ohengramm in Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These and as Leo Fourcade in the final episode of Tales of Luminaria, Clifford Chapin replaced him as Miyuki Shirogane in the third season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Bryson Baugus replaced him as Nishikata from episode 6 of the third season of Teasing Master Takagi-san and Eric Vale replaced him as Chris Fia Arclight in Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs.


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