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3x3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon (3×3EYES 聖魔伝説 Sazan Aizu: Seima Densetsu) is the second OVA series based on the manga series 3x3 Eyes by Yuzo Takahada consisting of 3 episodes. Although the previous series was produced by Toei Animation, this series was produced by Studio Junio.


Yakumo has trained and searched for 4 years, following Pai's mysterious disappearance. However, when he finally finds her, not all is well as her memory seems to be gone.

Dubbing History

In 1996, Orion Pictures released the first two episodes of the series on two individual VHS tapes. Because of Orion taking over Streamline Pictures' catalog, the dub was commissioned by Orion to a separate company, Pretend Productions. Most of the same cast from Streamline's dub of part one were brought back. Plans for a third release containing the final episode were scrapped after Orion Pictures was sold to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The final episode with Streamline's dub would only see release in Australia and the United Kingdom. Streamline's original VHS releases of both series have become pretty scarce.

Much like the previous series, this series was also licensed by Geneon Entertainment with a new English dub.


Image Character Seiyū Orion Geneon
Pai2.png Pai (Pa-bo Ayanokoji) / Sanjiyan Megumi Hayashibara Rebecca Forstadt Brigitte Bako
Sanjiyan2.png Alexandra Kenworthy
Wendee Lee (ep. 3)
Yakumo Fujii2.png Yakumo Fujii Kōji Tsujitani Eddie Frierson Christian Campbell
Benares2.png Benares Akio Ōtsuka Kirk Thornton Earl Boen
Tin Zin.png Tin Zin Ryūji Saikachi Steve Blum William Katt
Naparva.png Naparva Nobutoshi Canna Kirk Thornton Yuji Okumoto
Jake McDonald.png Jake McDonald Hōchū Ōtsuka Steve Blum Gregg Rainwater
Dawn (3x3 eyes).png Dawn Michie Tomizawa Wendee Lee Dina Sherman
Ken-Ken.png Ken-Ken Junko Hagimori Julie Maddalena Lesley Boone
Fei-Oh.png Fei-Oh Nobuhiro Masuda not dubbed Taliesin Jaffe
Chokai.png Chokai Yūsaku Yara Kirk Thornton Ralph Lister
Ran Pao Pao.png Ran Pao Pao / Hong Nyang Yūko Nagashima ¿? Dina Sherman
Hong Nyang.png

Episodic Characters

Image Character Seiyū Orion Geneon Eps.
Grandpa Ayanokoji.png Grandpa Ayanokoji Kōhei Miyauchi Steve Blum Ed Asner 1
Grandma Ayanokoji.png Grandma Ayanokoji Akiko Takamura Mona Marshall Rosie Taravella
Doll Demon.png Doll Demon Maria Kawamura Elisa Gabrielli

Additional Voices

Geneon Dub


  • Kirk Thornton replaces David Povall as Benares in the Orion dub, likely due to Povall becoming inactive in the dubbing community.
  • Jeff Bennett and Frank Welker are the only main cast members from Gargoyles who did not contribute in the Geneon dub.
  • Naparva is called Napalba in the Orion dub.

Video Releases

Distributor Year Format Contents Dub Region Country
Orion Pictures 1996 VHS.jpg Episodes 1-2 Streamline NTSC United States United States
2 Volumes
Pioneer Entertainment 2001 The Complete Series Geneon
1 Volume
DVD.jpg The Complete Series* 1
2 Discs
Geneon Entertainment 2007 The Complete Series
1 Disc

*Bundled with first series

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